29 October 2007

Big Brother Australia/UK 2007 Review

Aleisha was the deserving winner of BBAUS2007. Her closeness with Emma provided her a much-needed emotional security blanket in the early going but Emma's departure allowed the public and the housemates to focus solely on Aleisha and all of her wonderful qualities.

Almost every housemate declares "I'm just going to be myself" then enters the BB house and proceeds to do completely the opposite. Aleisha never made such a pronouncement but succeeded in being herself and was rightfully rewarded. Future HMs should take note especially if they expect to win although it's doubtful they will.

BBUK2007 was a mixed bag. The females-only approach for the first week or seemed so obvious one wonders why they didn't try it before. No manipulation by BB was necessary; there was always going to be conflict with tetchy characters like Charley and Nicky in the mix.

The arrival and makeup of the male contingent was over-egged with predetermined alpha male Ziggy providing a focal point for most of the next few weeks. Chanelle was fetching but very vulnerable despite her bravado and Ziggy played her like a violin intentionally or unintentionally.

The twins - Sam and Amanda. Still don't know what quite to make of it all. Can two people sharing one personality really be that non-confrontational and sweet? Unlike 99% of housemates they simply shut down whenever a row broke out. Was it fear? immaturity? avoidance? On balance they were mostly good value and a breath of fresh air given all the streetwise tarts that have been a part of BBUK over the years. I would have backed them to win from the first day but sadly it didn't come to pass. I hope they have their post-BB fun (can't a hit factory at least give them an original song to sing?) and make a few bob then manage to go back to their apparently idyllic lives. The "Telepathic Twins" segment was funny and fascinating.

Winner Brian was likeable enough but he never managed to perfect his thick-but-sweet act to my satisfaction. Brian became a hero to many when he managed to silence a stunned Charley for a few moments in his first few days. He was good value in the Diary Room and his anti-SLOP rant is an all-time BB laugh for me....It's out of order!!!

These will be uncertain months for fans of BBAUS and BBUK. The UK edition has lost its freshness and the usual approach of throwing borderline psychopaths into a room and waiting for the claws to come out has to change or the audience will decline even more.

As many know Kris Noble the executive producer of the Australia series has departed. Was he pushed or did he jump? The recently-and-regrettably departed Gretel assured everyone during the finale that there would be a BBAUS2008 but the evidence is lacking so far.

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