23 January 2014

Obamacare Enrollment Shell Game

Let me see if I have this correct:

The federal government strongarms each and every American into purchasing something they may neither need nor want (in effect, signing a contract under duress for the remainder of their natural lives). At the stroke of a pen, all Americans are, in ways large or small, participating in this scheme.

Despite the universal, compulsory nature of this law, citizens, taxpayers and media must rely on 'signals' and 'estimates' when it comes to their so-called representative government providing honest, accurate enrollment numbers in order to gauge the financial viability of the program. Individuals who have, by the admission of HHS, merely 'selected a plan' are nevertheless declared 'enrolled' despite a fraction of that total actually paying for something, anything. Those responsible for conceiving, implementing and administering this panacea repeatedly and doggedly refuse to provide data even during testimony before a co-equal branch of government, for no other possible reason beyond the protection of fragile political egos during their eyeblink of history in DC seats of power.

The HHS press release suggests we 'hear stories of Americans enrolling in the Marketplace [capitalization theirs].' But how is the story of a cousin, a neighbor or a complete stranger 500 miles away relevant since all personal circumstances are unique? Very fond of stories, are these Democrats. Statistics tend to reveal unpleasant facts. Better to rely on a 'narrative.' Do we need stories of other Americans complying with laws regarding bank robbery or auto theft in order to decide whether to comply ourselves? And if noncompliance carries penalties, isn't such inspiration surplus to requirements?

You must pay the rent! And what is the rent? What will the rent be next month, next year or ten years hence? They're not saying. Funny sort of landlord.

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